How Pain Served Me

For the last week I've been bedridden after surgery which prevented me from being mobile in general. The least painful position was lying in bed with a supply of various painkillers and other medication. Of course I've had many extremely painful experiences in my life, but this had to be the worst ordeal. With all the painkillers you can take without overdosing, waking every two hours and still be in cold sweat and tears is not fun.

I had a whole array of plans as I normally do thinking to use this recovery time as the ideal opportunity to catch up on all the books waiting to be read, watching movies, and even eradicating my email inbox. I prepared soup beforehand so that cooking will be minimal, made sure I had enough supplies of the necessary and ready to not be able to go anywhere for at least a week.

One book is half read, I watched a couple of episodes of a series, no old emails have been dealt with and I had to freeze almost all of the soup. So what did I do? I surrendered. Because there's nothing else you can do when the pain is so bad that your focus is only on how to suffer less. What happened in the process? Without trying, I went through so many shifts, my awareness changed to a higher perspective, walls that I kept myself in without even knowing crumbled down, my beliefs expanded, fears dissipated, a sense of new beginnings opened up in me. Through nursing and nurturing my body I feel more connected with myself in a merging of all levels. This didn't happen because of the morphine I took, this was in the early morning hours when I woke from pain and waiting to fall asleep again and in my lucid dreams.

How did it serve me? I was in a place of complete receptivity. As there was only pain and nothing else to think of, worry about or do, these messages could easily come as there was no resistance. That made me realise what surrendering is and why it is a challenge in my normal day to day when I think I'm meditating. My head is so full of stuff and although I constantly get intuitive guidance, it is much different than this allowing and receiving without even asking. It was indeed a time of healing and my body faithfully showing me what needed healing by the physical manifestation of the emotional wound that was the source.

So now to remember the art of surrendering.

The Cause and Effect in Wellness

I would like to kick off my first entry on this blog to give more clarity on what it is exactly that I do.
It has taken me my lifetime and a lot of personal work to embark on this part of my soul path and I am happy to say that the process I went through was absolutely worth it to put me in a place of being able to help others. I always knew there was something "more" that I needed to do in regard to working WITH people. Yes, my music and art have played a part and will always, but I needed to share my gifts on a more personal level. Without going into detail as to how I eventually enabled myself to be a healer, I want to explain what it is that I do.

Our bodies show us very clearly what are going on in our emotions. It is like a typical cause and effect and everything is energy. So throughout our lives everything that happens to us affect us first on an energetic level and then on a physical level. If it is something that has a deep impact on an emotional level (getting into our energy field), it will at sometime manifest physically. It might be immediate or it might take years. A simple example would be that you are going through a relationship issue where you are not expressing your emotions vocally and you suddenly develop laryngitis. As the throat chakra is all about communication and voicing your truth, physical symptoms will surface if you don't adhere to that emotional need.

I can use a hundred examples but this is where my work applies. Firstly I pick up on where you have blocked chakras, where the energy is not flowing as it should be, from your feet to the crown of your head. Each chakra represents different things and areas in your life where some issues might be present if the particular chakra is blocked. I use crystals to facilitate opening of the energy flow in those chakras and I choose them specifically and intuitively. Therefore, for each person it would be different (on the same chakras). In combination with the crystals I use sound as one of the most powerful healing tools. I have done extensive research on sound healing and as I do music as part of my career, it resonates perfectly with me to use as a modality and incorporate in my work. If interested you can find more information here on the Solfeggio that I use which is an instrument that plays the original sacred frequencies. I won't go into the technical detail here, I just know how powerful it is as a healing tool seeing how it shifts the energy instantly, opening up the chakras and bringing the energy into harmonious alignment. Whether you're religious or scientific, sound works as being proven by numerous scientific experiments or by the belief that everything exists because of sound..."and God SAID let be there be Light...".

After establishing which chakras need attention and having placed the appropriate crystals there, I then go to your auric field and determine if there are any leaks. What that means is that there could be weak places in your aura caused by situations and people in your life through various ways, which I then also pick up on to sort out and seal that leak again. This can be a preventative measure for an auric leak to not develop into a physical ailment, or if there are physical symptoms already, to help with the healing process. This describes a one on one session at my practice. I can also do distant grids (for any personal or business issue) and make elixirs for any physical issue. I don't call myself a medical intuitive, however most of this come to me intuitively and is then confirmed while I work with a client and when I start discussing it in a consultation. Confidentiality is always revered as I respect the pain of the people I work with.

Crystals work in a safe and gentle yet very powerful way as they remove the barriers between your energy and whatever is blocking it raises your vibration in order for you to release and shift things that are standing in your way to what you would like to change. This can be belief systems, past life influences, connections with people etc. I thus do "physic surgery" by removing these blocks with the amazing frequencies of the crystals as my surgical tools.

A lot of research has been done and published about the emotions connected to illness and the root cause of them. I am not a doctor obviously, but I can help the client to become aware of what is really happening and why. People "accept" illness based on how the media propagates it, the fact is that we only get sick when our bodies want to draw our attention to an imbalance or unresolved issue in our life. (Making unhealthy and damaging choices are also because of an emotion). And yes - I have been through chronic pains and illness so I don't say this lightly. I do however believe, that working on it on an energetic level makes a huge difference. Cause and effect. As simple as that really.

And of course I offer Tarot readings as well, which is something that is often misunderstood...due to previous perceptions of it as "fortune telling", while it just clearly portrays what is currently going on in your energy field. Therefore the probable outcomes are showing what is happening in the your life or the situation in question and can give more clarity and I interpret the messages for you. These readings can be done distantly over Skype as well.

I also do space clearings where there are energetic blockages that influence the purpose of that space not being in line with what it is supposed to be - in offices, houses etc.

Animals are a big part of my work as well, especially horses, dogs and cats. These animals are also affected by our energies and their surroundings and do thus suffer physically as well. I use crystals and will come to where the animal is based (in the Western Cape area).
I hope this have shed some light on this topic, please share with friends who might resonate with this and contact me if you have any questions!
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